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Tanzania Digital Awards honors creativity, innovation and efficacy in harnessing digital space for positive societal changes in Tanzania. TDA extends recognition to individuals and organizations who makes effective use of digital platforms to creatively and innovatively inspire actions, bring change and foster lasting impact across and beyond the online community.

The Tanzania Digital Awards are brought to you by Serengeti Bytes, a Creative Public Relations, Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing Agency.


TDA are divided in nine (9) main categories and 50 subcategories which provide a room for individuals and different sectors to measure their digital use efforts against their competitors and stakeholders.:
The description of each main category and sub-categories is as highlighted hereunder:

Digital Innovation
Digital Communication
Digital Entertainment
Digital Marketing
Digital Media
Digital Governance
Digital Advocacy
Digital Diplomacy
People’s Choice Award


Call for sponsorship

We are inviting sponsorship from all sectors including telecoms, industries, businesses, media, government agencies, travel and tourism, financial institutions, international agencies and NGOs. Various levels of sponsorship are possible. Based on the sponsorship level, the sponsor will have access to opportunities for advertising and/or displaying their produces, making presentations and a number of opportunities during the awards gala. We are open to other suggestions from sponsors as well.

You are invited to be part of this exciting initiative and actively contribute to the success of TDA 2019.

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